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As an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary, and legal staff looking to relocate, a good place to consider is Virginia. With the ever-increasing legal job market you are bound to find the perfect position within the perfect city. Not only is there an abundant of opportunities in the larger cities such as Virginia, the smaller cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, small cities of Virginia are also options to consider. 

The most valuable services industry is community and personal services, which produces income through private health care, hotels and motels, computer programming and engineering companies, and repair shops.

The greatest growth is the technology sector, with business for computer programmers, consultants, engineers, and researchers generated by the federal government. Virginia is home to the world's largest internet service provider.

Points of interest include Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington; Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson; Stratford, home of the Lees; Richmond, capital of the Confederacy and of Virginia; and Williamsburg, the restored Colonial capital.

With so many different legal fields and locations to choose from in the young and vibrant state of Virginia, legal candidates are bound to find the perfect job within a law firm or corporation of their choice.

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