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As an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary, and legal staff looking to relocate, a good place to consider is Arizona. With the ever increasing legal job market you are bound to find the perfect position within the perfect city. Not only is there an abundant of opportunities in the larger cities such as Phoenix, Tucson and Mesa, the smaller cities of Chandler, Glendale, and Scottsdale are also options to consider. 

The weather of Arizona is mild, with an average low of 60°F (16°C). November through February are when temperatures are coldest, ranging from 40–75°F (4–24°C). Arizona has a dry climate, but experiences two rainy seasons throughout the year, with monsoons bringing torrential downpours.

Arizona's primary industry is manufacturing, including electrical, communications, and aeronautical items. Two thirds of the United States’ copper comes from Arizona. Agriculture is also an important aspect of the state's economy. Tourism is essential as well, with Arizona being home to many mountains, parks and the famous Grand Canyon.

With so many different legal fields and locations to choose from in the young and vibrant state of Arizona, legal candidates are bound to find the perfect job within a law firm or corporation of their choice.