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As an attorney, paralegal, legal secretary and legal staff looking to relocate, a good place to consider is Ohio. With the ever-increasing legal job market you are bound to find the perfect position within the perfect city. Not only is there an abundant of opportunities in the larger cities such as Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, the smaller cities of Ohio are also options to consider. 

Summers are typically hot and mildly humid throughout the state, while winters can get extremely cold with a lot of snow.

Ohio is one of the nation's industrial leaders, ranking third in manufacturing employment nationwide. Akron is known for rubber; Cincinnati for jet engines and machine tools; Canton for roller bearings; and Cleveland for auto assembly, auto parts, and steel.

Tourism is a valuable revenue producer, bringing in approximately $36 billion and is increasing each year. Some of the major tourist attractions include such things as the Indian burial grounds at Mound City Group National Monument, the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Canton, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Perry's Victory International Peace Memorial, and the homes of such Presidents as Grant, Taft, Hayes, Harding, and Garfield.

With so many different legal fields and locations to choose from in the young and vibrant state of Ohio, legal candidates are bound to find the perfect job within a law firm or corporation of their choice.

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