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We want our clients to eliminate time wasting activities often encountered when using more generalized job boards. HiringLegal.com is the most targeted legal job board on the Internet. We excel in connecting legal candidates, employers and recruiters more effectively and more efficiently than any other legal job board on the globe at a cost unmatched by any competitor. Combining our expertise with the best available search technology, HiringLegal.com has become the superior legal networking tool for job seekers and employers.

Mission critical at HiringLegal.com is to be the best job tool possible dedicated exclusively to connecting legal professionals to job opportunities in law firms, corporations and companies via the Internet. We do not aim to be the biggest - only the best. To accomplish our mission, we have focused our business, resources and talent towards understanding and effectively servicing our client's hiring requirements, professional goals and business objectives.

The methodology followed at HiringLegal.com is geared towards ensuring our client’s interests are represented at every level. HiringLegal.com brings a great deal of depth to the process. Our clients know a law firm or legal department can rise or fall based on the quality of the people inside of it. Whether our clients are small boutiques or a Fortune 500 company, their needs are critically important to us, and we are seeking to attract the best of the best when it comes to legal talent.

At HiringLegal.com every client is treated with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and respect to achieve one simple goal: to make a meaningful contribution to the hiring process for law firms, corporations and the companies we serve. We do all this while offering the most cost effective legal recruiting board on the Internet.


Our clients understand the specificity needed to recruit quality candidates in today’s legal industry. Additionally, our clients understand legal staffing and recruiting as a key component of success in the 21st century. Likewise, candidates wanting to get in the legal industry, as well as seasoned veterans, rely on HiringLegal.com to land them the legal job of their dreams. Job Postings are the first step in the process for many of our clients.We offer the most cost effective job postings on the Internet(see price comparison below).

Posting jobs on HiringLegal.com is easy.Start by filling out a simple form located here and create your company profile.The process takes less than two minutes.Once your company profile is set up you can start posting jobs immediately and start seeing resumes in no time.Don’t forget to sign up for 'Candidate Alerts'and receive what you won’t get anywhere else; fresh qualified candidates emailed to your inbox daily.Let us do the work for you.


HiringLegal.com's resume database contains only top quality law related job seekers.With new resumes constantly added to our resume database,the candidate pool is always fresh.With national access employers can search for local candidates by limiting the search radius or search resumes of candidates across the globe to find the perfect candidate.We are constantly evolving to meet our client’s and candidate’s needs.Our clients know that no two candidates are the same and proper initial evaluation is critical to the hiring process.Likewise,by evaluating the legal companies posting jobs on our site and putting those companies through a rigorous interview process our candidates are assured only the best legal postings on the Internet.At the end of the day we aim to be the best legal job board on the planet.Email us here for more information on our resume bank.